Business Consulting Services 

Driving a profitable, growing business can be complex, leading many companies to turn towards experts to help develop innovative, forward-thinking solutions focused on profitability and customer retention. We can help to develop strategies for growth and managing key projects.

OPEX Collective offers the following consulting services for a per-project, monthly retainer, or hourly rate:

Strategic Management 

  • Utilize a formal strategic planning process to unite teams around shared key performance indicators, align on resource allocation.
  • Address capability gaps, revise functional structures, and adopt lean principles to transform operations into a well-oiled machine.
  • Roll out operating procedures and process management to help sustain elevated operational performance.

Cash Flow Optimization 

  • Review revenue and expenses and liquidity ratios (current, quick, and days of sale) to asses health of current cash flow
  • Guidance to restructure business, identify areas for cost savings, and implement better internal controls to improve cash flow and EBITDA 

Fractional Executive Support

The when and how to scale up a business can be difficult for business owners.  This makes them better qualified to advise you on whether to grow. Instead of hiring a permanent employee into your C-suite, you can leverage an experienced fractional executives. They end up saving money and can free up your time -all while bringing a degree of expertise that will aid in your decision-making and improve the effectiveness of your company.

OPEX Collective offers the following services for a per-project or hourly rate:

Fractional CEO / COO
  • Set long term strategic goals and vision for company, execute sales plans and evaluate performance, and drive effective resource allocation 
  • Drive strategic planning, process improvement, project management, and team development
Fractional CMO 
  • Improve your marketing strategies and results to guide towards long-term growth across all channels (paid social, Google, affiliate, influencers, email, SEO, print, radio, etc.). 
  • Build marketing budget and strategy to drive improved ROI and lead generation 


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